Bunny lines

Are you annoyed by wrinkles on the sides of the bridge of your nose? Aesthetic Beauty Center can treat these so-called bunny lines well with the help of botox. You will look younger and fresher in a few weeks.

Only 2 injections

Bunny lines are caused by overuse of the nasal muscle. You use this muscle when you talk, smile or frown. With just two injections on the sides of the bridge of the nose, these wrinkles can be significantly reduced or even disappear. You will usually see the first result after 3 to 4 days. The end result is visible after 2 weeks. The effect of botox lasts for 3 to 5 months. If you use botox for the first time, you must take into account a build-up time. The more often you have botulinum toxin injected, the better the result. You can come back every 3 months for a retreatment.

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Personal Advice

A non-binding intake will take place 10 minutes before the treatment. During this consultation, the doctor will discuss your wishes and the options. He also tells you what to expect from the treatment. The no-obligation intake can also be scheduled separately from the treatment.

Before the Treatment

It is important that you do not take any blood-thinning medicines or alcohol for 48 hours before the treatment. The treatment is generally not experienced as painful, which is why there is usually no anesthesia. There are, however, a few administrative matters that need to be dealt with. We therefore recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before the treatment.

The Treatment

First of all, the doctor disinfects the treated area and marks the puncture sites. He then injects the botox in tiny amounts into the relevant muscle fibers. The treatment does not involve any risks, unless you are allergic. If you experience an allergic reaction after the treatment, call us or your GP immediately.

After the Treatment

You may experience slight swelling or some bruising. This will go away within a few days. After 3 to 4 days you will see the first result of the treatment. The end result is only clearly visible after 2 weeks. For the best possible result, we recommend that you strictly follow the doctor's instructions.

Check-up, after-treatment and re-treatment

After the treatment, you can schedule a check-up appointment for evaluation 2 to 3 weeks later. We can also schedule a re-treatment if necessary. We investigate, among other things, whether there is still a lot of muscle activity. If this is the case, we can inject extra botox. This is completely free of charge. If there is still muscle activity, we will stop the botox treatment. Your body will not respond well to botox.


We offer this treatment from €125,-

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I not do after this treatment?

As after any botox treatment, it is better not to start exercising immediately and not to go to the sauna for the first week. We also advise against going to the beauty salon within the first 2 weeks. Be careful with blood-thinning medication.

Is botox safe?

Yes, it will not harm your body. It can only be dangerous at high concentrations, but this is prohibited within our industry. If you get allergic reactions to Botox, we recommend that you contact us or your GP.

Is the effect of Botox permanent?

No, botox wears off after 3 to 5 months. And when you use botox for the first time, it takes a little longer before the effect is optimal. You can come back for a retreatment after 3 months.


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