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Cavitation is a treatment based on a special combination of low-frequency ultrasound waves. The effects of the low frequency waves cause the formation of microbubbles in the fatty tissue. These bubbles increase in size and burst, causing all fat cells to also burst and enter intercellular space. These fat cells leave the body naturally via the intestines together with the other waste products of the body.

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Our massage treatments

After lipo massage

Waste products are expelled from the body and hard spots are prevented.

Connective tissue massage (+cupping)

A technique to improve skin condition.


Low frequency ultrasonic waves form microbubbles to remove fat.

Colombian butt lift

With a vacuum machine, the buttocks are lifted and moved and blood circulation is stimulated.

Madero therapy

A figure modeling treatment with wooden instruments

Postnatale massage

Helps the body recover faster after childbirth.

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