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Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which fat is sucked out of the body using a cannula. The procedure is also called lipo, liposculpture, lipoplasty or lipolaser. It is an effective solution for modeling problematic parts of the body. There are different types of liposuction, for example supported with a laser or with ultrasound waves.



During the intake, the structure of your skin is examined and it is determined which liposuction technique is most suitable for you. This takes into account the elasticity of your skin and your expectations of the operation. Liposuction is performed per zone. Areas to be treated are for example: the lower chin, upper arms, abdomen, love handles, back, legs, etc. Sometimes, if there is a larger amount of fat, several sessions are needed to achieve the desired result. The duration of the liposuction procedure varies between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the area to be treated.

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For about 40 years, the technique of liposuction has been used to suck away unwanted fat. Over time, liposuction has been expanded with new techniques, such as the lipolaser. These techniques have been developed no differently than classical liposuction, but are an addition to the classical method.

Lipo laser

The method by which the fat cells can be more easily removed from the body by heating them with laser beams is called the laser liposuction (laser lipo) technique. Thanks to this technique, applied with the help of a laser liposuction device, fat cells are broken down. During the application of liposuction, the heat of 50-52 degrees created by laser beams also heats the surrounding connective tissue and collagen of the skin, so that the skin tightens. While the fat under the skin is melted with the laser beam, the connective tissue around the fat is also heated and tighter.


An full anesthetic has a very high chance of (long-term) side effects. For this reason, we only perform liposuction under local anesthesia. You are almost immediately fit enough to go home, the recovery is shorter and you experience fewer side effects.

Note: liposuction is not an alternative to a healthy lifestyle.

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure in which fat is sucked from the body using a cannula.

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