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What is the difference between Radiesse and the other filler brands?

Radiesse contains calcium and phosphate ions. These natural minerals are also found in your teeth and bones. They stimulate the collagen in your skin, which has a lifting and firming effect. The other brands (Stylage and Belotero) contain hyaluronic acid, an organic degradable material with which only the volume of your face can be restored. Radiesse therefore has a double effect. Your wrinkles are reduced by the restored volume and your skin becomes stronger. We usually apply Radiesse to areas such as cheekbones/cheeks, chin or jawline. Stylage and Belotero are instantly soluble fillers. They can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Radiesse is not directly soluble. Radiesse is broken down by your body over time.

Wat zijn de beste fillers?

There are hundreds of fillers on the market. Our doctors have done extensive research and only use the best fillers: Stylage, Teosal redensity II and Radiesse. We have excellent experiences with these brands.

Which filler is right for me?

This is determined by the doctor during the non-binding consultation. He looks at your skin type, how much filler is needed and what the expected result will be after the treatment. The doctor also listens carefully to your wishes. He usually uses fillers with hyaluronic acid. In some cases, the doctor recommends that you combine the treatment with botox, pdo or prp.

What legal rules apply to fillers?

Examples of rules are: use of permanent fillers is not allowed and fillers may not be used under 18. Our clinic complies with all government-established rules. If there are new rules, we apply them immediately.

Are filler treatments reimbursed by the health insurer?

No, these are not reimbursed.


Which botox brand do you use?

We use the brands Dysport and Bocouture. We have excellent experience with this because of its high effectiveness. Furthermore, these brands are pleasant to work with because we can insert the injectable very concentrated. In addition, it is the purest form of botulinum toxin. As a result, the chance of allergic reactions or immunity is significantly small.

Botox consists of the toxin Clostridium Botulinum, right? Am I at risk of botulism?

No, with a botoxin injection, our doctors inject minimal amounts of botulinum toxin. This is only a protein of the bacterium in question and only works on the nerve endings. As a result, you cannot possibly get botulism.


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