Eye brow lift

Do you suffer from drooping eyebrows? This allows you to experience a pressing sensation on your eyes. Drooping eyebrows also provide a tired or surly appearance. Fortunately, there is something to be done about this in a simple way: an eyebrow lift with the help of botox. Aesthetic Beauty Center performs this treatment regularly.

Facial expression

The position of your eyebrows has a lot of influence on your facial expression. With the help of a few targeted botoxin injections, our doctors ensure that your eyebrows are lifted a few millimeters. This gives you an open mind again. Also, the surrounding skin becomes smoother to see. With the help of a few targeted botoxin injections, our doctors ensure that your eyebrows are lifted a few millimeters. The botox we use is extremely safe and the result usually lasts 3 to 4 months.

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Personal Advice

In order to help you as well as possible, our doctors give personal advice. This takes place during a non-binding intake of 10 minutes before the treatment. You tell what your wishes are and the doctor explains what the possibilities are. He also tells you what you can expect from the procedure. During the treatment, he takes your wishes into account as much as possible. It is also possible to schedule a separate, no-obligation intake.

Before the Treatment

We ask you to be present 15 minutes in advance so that we have enough time for the intake and the administrative handling. An anesthetic is not necessary for botox treatment.

The Treatment

After the intake and the administration, the treatment takes place. This only takes 5 minutes. The doctor first disinfects the treatment area and he draws the puncture locations. He then injects the botox into the area around the eyebrows. Usually you will see results after 3 to 4 days. The maximum action time of the botox is 2 weeks. Only then will you see the end result. This result will be visible for about 3 to 5 months. However, botox does need a build-up time. The more often you come to the clinic for treatment, the better and longer the result.

After the Treatment

You may experience a slight swelling or some bruising, but usually there is nothing to see from the treatment. We recommend that you follow the doctor's instructions carefully. For example, he tells you that it is better not to lie down for the first 2 hours and not to exercise for the first 48 hours. Furthermore, it is important that you stay away from the treated area as much as possible, so that the effect is optimal.

Control, after-treatment and re-treatment

Since the end result of botox is visible after 2 weeks, you can come for a check-up for 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks for an evaluation. If necessary, we will also schedule the re-treatment. If you can still move the treated muscles, we will inject extra botox. This is included in the treatment. If you can still move these muscles afterwards, we will not continue the botox treatment. Your body then does not react in the right way to botox.


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