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Cheeks and cheekbones

High, eye-catching cheekbones are one of the hallmarks of feminine beauty and one of the two v-shapes in your face. They give your face a powerful and youthful look. However, as we age, our cheeks flatten. The fat and volume of our face decreases. This can cause a tired impression, while you feel energetic. Do you want to improve the appearance of your cheekbones and cheeks? Aesthetic Beauty Center is specialized in this treatment. Our doctors use fillers to bring your facial contours and facial features into the desired shape, so that you look fresh and energetic again.



Accentuating cheekbones using fillers is a popular treatment. This is because the result persists for a long time: 8 to 12 months. To achieve this long-lasting effect, it is necessary to build up the filler forms in the first half of the year. For this filler treatment we use fillers with the body's own substance hyaluronic acid from the brands Belotero, Stylage or the collagen-stimulating filler Radiesse. These brands have been tested, meet all requirements and are extremely safe. Fillers from Belotero and Stylage can be solved directly with hyaluronidase. A Radiesse filler contains calcium and is not directly soluble. Your body breaks it down over time.

Our filler treatments


Chin fillers improve proportions and bring balance to the face.

Ear lobe

Earlobe fillers restore and rejuvenate the earlobe, making it look fuller and more youthful.


Jawline fillers strengthen and define the jawline to improve facial contours.


Lip fillers accentuate and enlarge the lips for a seductive and voluminous appearance.


Nose fillers correct and improve the shape and lift the nose without surgery.

Nasal fold

Fillers fill the laugh lines and give a youthful appearance.

Cheeks and cheekbones

High, striking cheekbones are one of the hallmarks of feminine beauty and one of the two v-shapes on your face.


As we age we lose volume around the temple area. This creates a sunken face.

Under eye

Filling your tear trough with a filler will give you a rested and relaxed look.

Marionette lines

Treat an unfairly gloomy appearance due to drooping corners of the mouth.

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Every face is different. That is why we give personal advice. The first 10 minutes of all our appointments are free intakes. It is also possible to schedule a no-obligation intake without a subsequent treatment. During the intake you will discuss your wishes and the possibilities with the doctor. He will also discuss the treatment with you so that you know what to expect. Our clinic always strives for the most natural look possible. We think it is important that you will go through life satisfied and confident.


If you wish, we apply an anesthetic cream before the treatment that partially anesthetizes the treated area. In that case, we ask you to be present 30 minutes in advance. We recommend that you do not drink alcohol or take medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin 2 days before treatment.


After the intake, the administration and if the anesthetic has worked in properly, we start the treatment. This will only take a few minutes. The filler is injected with 5 to 10 in the cheeks and at the cheekbone. Finally, the doctor will massage the treated area to prevent bumps.


We recommend that you carefully follow the doctor's instructions. The recovery time will be about 1 to 2 weeks. The first 3 days you may suffer from swelling or bruising. The swelling is the most severe in the first 3 days and then decreases. The complete de-swelling lasts about 2 weeks and also 20 to 30 percent of the initial volume will decrease.


If necessary, a check-up will take place 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment. If there is asymmetry, bumps or other imperfections, the doctor will treat this free of charge. In order to achieve an optimal result, it may sometimes be necessary to repeat the treatment. This is discussed with the attending physician during the consultation.


We offer the treatment of your cheekbones and cheeks from €380,-. (per 1 ml Stylage XL or 1.5 ml Radiesse)

Frequently Asked Questions


We follow the advice of the Dutch authorities and therefore do not use permanent fillers. For a lasting effect, you will have to come back periodically. The effect will be visible for about 8 to 12 months. The effect depends on the filler used, the amount, your skin type, your age and your lifestyle.


Thanks to the anesthetic cream, the superficial skin will be well numbed. In addition, the needles we use are extremely thin. Nevertheless, you may continue to feel some pain until a few minutes after the treatment, because the are set quite deep.


The first 2 weeks there will be a swelling or redness. The swelling is the most severe in the first 3 days and then decreases. You can also easily camouflage the swelling. If you suffer from an allergy to fillers, you should contact us or your doctor immediately.


Immediately after the treatment you will have a slight swelling or some bruising. Thus, the result after the treatment is not yet the final result. This will follow after about 2 weeks.

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