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Permanent concealer treatment 1


Dark circles under the eyes can be a major insecurity for many people. Although it is natural and not harmful, it can be very frustrating to have to cover it with a lot of makeup every day. Not to mention spending a ton of money trying different concealers to find one that provides enough coverage.

PMU concealer can mimic the look of wearing makeup. Pigments a few shades lighter than your skin color are placed under the skin to neutralize dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes are caused by dark tissue and blood vessels under the skin, so adding a layer of light color between this tissue and the skin's surface can minimize the appearance of the dark tissue.

Our PMU treatments


The eyebrows are drawn semi-permanently.


The lips are colored semi-permanently and the shape is accentuated.


The skin under the eyes is lightened. The solution against dark circles!

Eyeliner / infralash

Eyeliner is applied semi-permanently and/or the eyelashes become optically fuller.


The cheekbones are colored for a fresh and contoured look.


Freckles are applied semi-permanently.

Beauty spot

A beauty birthmark is applied semi-permanently to the skin.

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