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No two people are the same, and so are our eyebrows. Not only is the natural shape different for everyone, but the wishes for our eyebrows are also very individually determined. Regardless of your current eyebrow shape, hair, lack of hair, no hair, alopecia, we can create beautiful symmetry in a perfect color that suits you. There are different methods for the eyebrows. These will be discussed with you during the consultation to choose a shape and technique that suits your natural eyebrow and your wishes.

All eyebrow treatments take into account the shape of your face, your skin color, hair and eye color. We can create a natural, realistic look with an individual hair-by-hair method or a more daring look. The choice is yours and we are here to advise you.

Eyebrows are the most prominent feature of the face because they make your eyes pop, define the expression and can instantly make you more beautiful. We can give a boost to eyebrows that have been over-plucked, thinned out or have drooped over the years and give you the eyebrows of your youth again.


A technique for super fine hair strokes with a micro blade. This is done hair by hair in the color that suits your skin.


For a fuller eyebrow effect with shadow. This look is less natural and it looks as if your eyebrows have been drawn in. A beautiful color of your choice is mixed with the eyebrow, creating symmetry and a beautiful full eyebrow that you cannot ignore.

Our PMU treatments


The eyebrows are drawn semi-permanently.


The lips are colored semi-permanently and the shape is accentuated.


The skin under the eyes is lightened. The solution against dark circles!

Eyeliner / infralash

Eyeliner is applied semi-permanently and/or the eyelashes become optically fuller.


The cheekbones are colored for a fresh and contoured look.


Freckles are applied semi-permanently.

Beauty spot

A beauty birthmark is applied semi-permanently to the skin.

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