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Freckles give the face extra character and are also just a lot of fun!

For a small amount of freckles, treatments can normally be completed in one session. For a fuller look, it is recommended to perform the treatment in a few sessions, six months apart. This creates a more realistic and natural finish, as the shade and intensity of freckles fade at different rates.

Our PMU treatments


The eyebrows are drawn semi-permanently.


The lips are colored semi-permanently and the shape is accentuated.


The skin under the eyes is lightened. The solution against dark circles!

Eyeliner / infralash

Eyeliner is applied semi-permanently and/or the eyelashes become optically fuller.


The cheekbones are colored for a fresh and contoured look.


Freckles are applied semi-permanently.

Beauty spot

A beauty birthmark is applied semi-permanently to the skin.

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