Make a relaxed, satisfied impression. That's what everyone wants. But some people look permanently surly or tired because they have frown wrinkles. Do you suffer from this and do you want to do something about it? With a simple, botox treatment, Aesthetic Beauty Center can make your frown wrinkles disappear. Thanks to botulinum toxin, the skin gets rest and softens the wrinkles.

The most commonly used botox treatment

Frown wrinkles arise because the muscles between the eyebrows are regularly contracted. Possible causes of this phenomenon are heredity, computer use and driving. The treatment of the frown wrinkles is one of the most used botox treatments. The procedure only takes a short time and the result is excellent. The natural protein botox falls under the medicines act and is extremely safe. Sometimes the frown wrinkles are so deep that botox alone is not enough. In that case, we also apply hyaluronic acid fillers. After the treatment you will look young and radiant again within a few days.

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Personal Advice

No frown wrinkle is the same. That is why you will first receive personal advice during a non-binding intake of 10 minutes. This intake takes place before the treatment. The doctor will discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you. He also tells you what you can expect from the treatment, so that you can make an informed choice. It is also possible to schedule a separate no-obligation intake.

Before the Treatment

We advise you to be present 15 minutes in advance for the treatment, so that there is enough time for the intake and the administration. The botox treatment is virtually painless; an anesthetic is therefore not necessary.

The Treatment

After the intake and the administration, the treatment can start immediately. First of all, the doctor will disinfect the area around the frown and mark the puncture points. With the help of targeted, small injections, the muscles around the frown can relax. The effect of botox is not immediately visible. Only after 3 to 4 days you will see results and after 2 weeks this result is maximum. The effect of botox lasts about 3 months. Dynamic wrinkles will soften or even disappear altogether. After 3 months we will treat you again. The more often the botox is injected, the longer the result persists.

After the Treatment

It is important that you follow the doctor's instructions carefully after the treatment. For example, it is better not to lie down until 2 hours after the treatment. Furthermore, you should not massage the area. It is advisable to tighten the treated muscle; or regularly looking angry. This strengthens the effect of the botox. You may get a slight swelling or some bruising after the treatment. But most of the time you don't see any of it.

Control, after-treatment and re-treatment

The end result of botox is visible 2 weeks after the treatment. You can possibly come for a check-up 2 to a maximum of 3 weeks after the treatment to evaluate it. We can then also schedule the re-treatment. If there is still a lot of muscle activity present, it can be decided to inject some extra botox. This is included in the price. If there is still muscle activity after refilling, your body does not respond well to botox and further treatment is of no use.


We do botox treatments from € 125,-.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't I get an unnatural look because I can't frown?

Our doctors work very subtly and ensure that you continue to look as natural as possible. We never use too much botox so you can just talk and laugh. However, certain facial expressions, such as looking angry or surprised, can be turned off. But at most others will notice that you look less tired or surly and that is precisely the desired effect.

Can I get a headache after this treatment?

That sometimes happens. You no longer use the muscles with which you frown, so it could be that other muscles will tighten. This can cause muscle tension headaches. You can prevent the headache by planning a follow-up treatment earlier or treating different zones to maintain a balanced balance between these zones.

Does the frown wrinkle come back worse when the botox has worn off?

No. You have not used the muscles within that zone for a long time. As a result, the frown wrinkles may not have become deeper. Often they are even less deep or partially gone.


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