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Hair transplants

On average you lose about 100 hairs per day. These hairs are usually replaced by new hair growth. In some cases, this lost hair is not replaced, or more of it falls out than usual, leading to baldness. Unwanted baldness can have a huge impact on self-confidence.

Operation close to home

Hair transplants are often known to be performed abroad, such as in Turkey. There are many disadvantages to operations abroad. For example, the aftercare process takes a year. This year, during surgery abroad, there is little or no control over the recovery process and any complications. If a complication arises, you cannot simply return to the clinic and there is actually no one who can help you. Moreover, the air pressure of the plane is not good for your recovery at all.

After an operation abroad, aftercare is often provided to a Dutch clinic, which means that the operation entails high unexpected costs. With us you know immediately where you stand. You will return several times in the year after your operation for check-ups and the doctor can assess you at any time if you have any doubts about the recovery process. You can recover in your own home and in your own environment. You can also return to work after a few days.

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During the consultation you will discuss your wishes and the treatment with your specialist. This is possible with us in Rotterdam. As soon as you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and a medical questionnaire. It is important that you fill this in carefully so that our doctor can take into account in preparation for the hair implantation.

During the consultation, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Your medical history
  • Your treatment plan
  • Your hair growth process
  • Your possible result
  • Precaution
  • Aftercare
  • The control moments

FUE Sapphire hair transplantation is the latest development in this field. Fue Sapphire means that the channels are opened with a sapphire tip.

  • Satisfaction after 1 session: 97%
  • 60-70% multiple grafts
  • Recovery after 5 days
  • Current hairs can not be damaged
  • No scars and natural results
  • Virtually painless local anesthesia by spray technique
  • Result from 9 months

During the check-ups on the 3rd, 6th and 9th month after the hair transplant.


After the hair transplant, you can resume your daily activities after 3 days. You should not lift heavily for the first 2 weeks. In addition, it is also not recommended to exercise, swim or sunbathe for the first month. Like all treatments, complications can also occur before hair transplantation, such as swelling, infection and allergic reactions. In addition, side effects such as itching, erythema, temporary loss of sensation in the treatment area and / or bruising are also common.


From 2.999,-

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