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A pedicure is a treatment for the feet that includes cleaning, shaping, buffing and polishing the toenails, removing dead skin cells from the feet and moisturizing the skin. You can also apply nail art, acrylic or gel nail enhancements and other cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of the nails. In general, manicures and pedicures are relaxing and pampering treatments that can keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful.

our Pedicure treatments


With a normal, classic pedicure, the pedicurist immerses your feet in a foot bath with warm water and delicious soap.

Fruit bath

We remove dead skin cells with citrus scrubs and close pores with fresh lemon.

jelly pedicure

We make the water jelly with a special solution. This has a soothing effect on calluses and relaxes muscles.

Milk & honey pedicure

The milk in the lotion helps hydrate your skin, while the honey exfoliates it.

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