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Alma Hybrid is the latest technology for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. It is the most effective way to treat deeper scars, such as acne scars. Treatment with the Hybrid is a unique treatment because it combines multiple energy waves: the ablative CO2 laser and non-ablative 1570nm laser.

A treatment with the Hybrid can be fully personalised. This means the Hybrid can be used in any situation, for any skin type. The Hybrid offers the opportunity to put together a perfect mix of treatment techniques that suits you, your skin and your wishes. This way you can benefit from optimal results with minimal recovery time. Thanks to the powerful contact cooling of the ProScan, you benefit from optimal treatment comfort.

After Hybrid OscarBefore Hybrid Oscar

our acne treatments

Acne peel

During a peel, product is applied to the skin to gently remove the outer layer of skin.

acne scars microneelding

Microneeling improves skin structure and color by stimulating collagen production.

acne scars skin pen

The SkinPen treatment is a medical microneeling treatment to renew and improve the skin in depth.


Acnelan is an innovative remedy that works against acne and its consequences, such as hyperkeratosis, increased sebum production and inflammation.


Alma Hybrid is the latest technology for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment.


Dermalux is LED therapy that uses clinically proven wavelengths that stimulate and activate the skin, without pain or recovery time.

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