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The aging process of the face is a complex process. Aging is not limited to the skin. The aging process is a process in which the skin, fatty tissue, muscles and bones are affected.

Our skin is at its best when we are still children. Up to the age of 10, the skin is smooth, even in color, firm, hydrated and tolerant. There is no oil production, infestation, dryness or sensitivities yet. During the teenage years, pores enlarge, acne develops and skin color can become uneven and somewhat dull.

As we reach the age of 30, the skin becomes less and less active. Skin cell renewal becomes irregular and the skin's barrier function becomes weak. A lack of cellular activity means that structures in the skin become depleted and the skin begins to develop lines and wrinkles. There are three main components of the skin that most anti-aging treatments target. These are collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Typically, treatments aim to increase the levels of these compounds and optimize conditions for production.

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our anti aging treatments

Clear lift harmony

The ClearLift treatment ensures rejuvenation and creates a firmer, fresher and healthier appearance.

skin pen

The SkinPen treatment is a medical microneeling treatment to renew and improve the skin in depth.


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