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The effects of the sun can cause all kinds of damage to our skin, such as hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Sunspots are caused by UV rays stimulating the melanin in our skin. Melanin is responsible for the pigment in the skin and is produced in UV light to create this pigment to protect the skin. When our skin is exposed to sunlight, freckles, blemishes and spots can appear on the skin. This makes the skin look uneven in tone and texture. Pigmentation can also be caused by the natural aging process, as well as by hormonal conditions and changes in the body (such as pregnancy).

Hyperpigmentation is a growing problem regardless of skin color, affecting more and more people worldwide – including 90% of people over 50.

our pigmentation treatments


An effective, non-surgical treatment for the appearance of pigment spots on the skin.


Heat removes unwanted pigment.

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