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As time passes, your teeth become darker in color. The causes of this include: smoking, thinning enamel layer on your teeth, medication, coffee, tea or wine. You can contact Aesthetic Beauty Center for the most innovative and least harmful method of whitening your teeth. In consultation with our dentists, you can also choose to whiten your teeth at home. Below you can read how to get whiter teeth. Depending on the desired end result and the severity of the discoloration, the dentist will provide expert advice and offer treatment in the practice itself, with a possible continuation at home, or completely at home.

Teeth whitening can be performed at home based on the dentist's advice. You will receive custom-made mouthguards for your lower and upper jaw in combination with the special whitening gel. You can apply this gel to the mouthguards or whitening trays, after which you can wear them in the morning and evening. Depending on your dentist's advice, you can wear the whitening mouthguards for 15 or 30 minutes.

The custom-made whitening trays are made once and you can continue to use them for follow-up treatments.

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