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Our dental hygienists and prevention assistants are happy to treat all your periodontal diseases, also known as gum diseases. These treatments are often carried out after referral from your dentist.

Your dentist will assess your gums during the check-up. Based on this assessment, we will discuss with you the different options for treating your gums. Depending on the condition of your gums and your complaints, we will refer you to our prevention assistant or dental hygienist.


Preventive oral care is very important to keep the mouth healthy, but especially to keep the mouth healthy. Our mission is, among other things, to prevent any dental problems in the future: preventive dentistry. Our dental hygienist is a true specialist in this field. Our dental hygienist's treatments are aimed at your gum disease and cavities in teeth.


Our prevention assistant is a dental assistant who is trained in performing preventive actions and oral hygiene. The work of the prevention assistant varies from mapping the condition of your gums to providing information about the care of your teeth.

The main difference between a prevention assistant and a dental hygienist is the training and additional tasks of a dental hygienist. For example, the dental hygienist is a HBO-educated paramedic with a title protected by the BIG law. Dental hygienists are continuously tested against various quality requirements.


  • Independently anesthetize
  • Taking dental impressions
  • Polishing fillings
  • Providing advice and information about oral care and gum disease
  • Take X-rays
  • Treating small holes

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