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Medical cosmetic treatments

Rejuvenate safely and effectively

We focus exclusively on medical cosmetic treatments that improve and rejuvenate your face in a safe and effective way. The doctors of Aesthetic Beauty Center pay attention to quality, service, hygiene, comfort and aftercare. Your wishes and experiences are central and are the starting point of our working method. Our treatment rooms are equipped for excellent hygiene and the optimal execution of treatments with injectables.

Aesthetic Beauty Center aims to offer you the highest quality. This quality is visible in the treatments and products, our doctors and in the careful pre- and aftercare. We offer you an excellent and personal treatment with the focus on a natural result.

Team Aesthetic Beauty Center


Drs. S.A. Hosseini

BIG: 59917933201

After successfully completing the study of medicine at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, drs. Hosseini gained a lot of experience in surgery. Drs. Hosseini was often found in the departments of traumatology and orthopedic surgery, where he not only performed frequent operations but also spent a lot of time doing scientific research.

In addition, drs. Hosseini did research at the department of plastic surgery. From this experience his interest in the cosmetic world arose. In 2018, drs. Hosseini's own aesthetic beauty center clinic. At the same time, he is working as a general practitioner. By alternating the profession of general practitioner with cosmetic treatments, he combines healing people with the creativity that cosmetic requires.

In order to stay informed of all the latest developments within the field, drs. Hosseini can often be found at congresses. Moreover, gaining experience for him does not limit within the borders of the Netherlands, so he has gained experience in cities such as London and Dubai.


Dr. A. Sewnaik

BIG: 89050045001

In 1999, dr. Sewnaik completed his training as a doctor, after which he immediately started working in the Erasmus hospital. At the same time, he completed a master's degree in clinical epidemiology. He made a significant scientific contribution with his PhD research on larynx preservation in laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer. His career then expanded to head and maxillofacial surgery. Today, dr. Sewnaik is mainly concerned with malignant and benign disorders in the main neck area.
When removing tumors in the face, aesthetics play an important role. Restoring or improving the appearance always has dr. Sewnaiks was interested. In order to express that creativity more, he decided in 2018 to also specialize in cosmetics and injectables. Since then, he has been combining facial improvement on both a medical and cosmetic level.
Regularly dr. Sewnaik can be found at various conferences in The Netherlands and abroad, both as a listener, speaker and trainer. By participating in conferences and courses in, for example, Monaco and Paris, dr. Sewnaik that he stays up to date with the latest developments and techniques in the field of injectables and medicine.

Step-by-Step Plan

Book an appointment

You can make an appointment for a separate, non-binding intake, or for a non-binding intake prior to the treatment. During this conversation, the doctor listens carefully to your wishes and discusses the possibilities with you. Appointments can be scheduled digitally. When making a treatment appointment, a down payment must always be made.


The forms for the administrative handling are automatically sent by our system. The administrative handling consists of general information about the treatment, a health declaration and the informed consent form (treatment agreement). If you have read the forms, you must return them fully completed and digitally sign them during the appointment. For this, during the first 10 minutes of the appointment (the consultation), the doctor will first go through all the forms with you, answer any questions you may have, draw up the treatment plan and ask you to sign the informed consent. If you have any questions or ambiguities, feel free to call, email or contact us via WhatsApp.

The Treatment

After the administration, the non-binding consultation and any anesthesia, the doctor starts the treatment. It differs per method how long the treatment lasts and what steps are taken. After the treatment, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions carefully.

Check-up (if necessary)

If necessary, you can come to the clinic for a check-up 2 weeks after the treatment. If you suffer from bumps or other imperfections, we will treat this free of charge. It is also examined whether a possible re-treatment is necessary.

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