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With age, or with weight loss, wrinkles can form in the area around the knees. Fillers can be injected into the knees to reduce these wrinkles and give your legs back their youthfulness. Immediate results can be seen after the treatment and that result improves in the following weeks.


For the knees we usually work with the filler brand Radiesse. The advantage of Radiesse is that the result is immediately visible and the fillers last longer than other filler brands, namely 8 to 14 months.


Our filler treatments


Butt lift

A butt lift treatment lifts and firms the buttocks for a more sculpted rear.

Buttock enlargement

A buttock enlargement treatment increases the size of the buttocks for a fuller appearance.

Cellulite treatment

A cellulite treatment reduces the visibility of cellulite on the skin.

Fill up Hip dips

A treatment for filling hip dips creates a more rounded shape of the hips.

Upper arm lift

An upper arm lift treatment tightens and rejuvenates the upper arms.


Knee fillers soften and rejuvenate the appearance of the knees.


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