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Liposuction Under Chin

Fat under the chin can make many patients feel very insecure, resulting in a decrease in self-confidence. Submental liposuction, also called a "double chin," is a suitable treatment option for patients with normal body mass index (BMI).

Liposuctie onderkin

Submental liposuction or chin liposuction is a solution for men and women who want to remove fat under the chin. Submental liposuction is considered a good alternative to neck lift surgery in people with good quality skin with minimal skin laxity, as the procedure has fewer complications and scarring and there is a faster recovery period. Submental liposuction can look more natural in younger people than a neck lift.

Chin liposuction involves removing fat from under the jaw, as well as the cheeks. Excess fat in these areas often causes a person to look older and plump. Submental liposuction is considered a safe solution to the problem.

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You will be invited for a consultation prior to any surgery. During this appointment you will meet the doctor who will operate on you. The doctor will listen to your wishes and provide you with expert and honest advice about the possibilities, limitations, risks and possible complications. The aim of the interview is to go through all aspects of the treatment with you. The doctor can determine whether the desired outcome can be achieved, may recommend an alternative, will review your medical history, and may request preoperative testing relevant to your surgery. Furthermore, photos are always taken for your medical file. This is for our own administration. Nothing will ever be shared with third parties without your permission. Finally, the doctor will provide you with advice for the recovery period after surgery.

As soon as you make an appointment, you will receive a confirmation by email and a medical questionnaire. It is important that you fill this in carefully, so that our doctor can take this into account in preparation for the liposuction.

The following topics will be discussed during the consultation:

  • Your medical history
  • Your treatment plan
  • Your possible result
  • Precaution
  • Aftercare
  • The control moments

The correction takes place under a local anaesthetic. As a result, you should not consume alcohol for two weeks before the operation. You must be sober during the operation, which means that you are not allowed to eat or drink anything from 8 hours before the operation.

If you use blood-thinning medicines, you must inform your treating doctor. In consultation with your doctor, you can stop taking painkillers and blood thinners, such as arbasalate calcium (Ascal) and acetylsalicylic acid (Aspro or Aspirin) two weeks before the procedure.

If you use Marcoumar or Sitrom, we recommend that you stop taking this in consultation with the thrombosis service and your attending physician.


The procedure takes about 45-60 minutes and is performed under a local anaesthetic. The doctor makes an incision on the inside of the cheek and removes the fat pad. You will not feel anything from the procedure. The procedure is comparable to a dental treatment.


After the operation you can go home straight away. Because you have had surgery and received medication, you are not allowed to drive yourself. We recommend having someone pick you up.

The anesthetic injections may still be sensitive after the procedure. You may also experience residual pain. We prescribe painkillers and you can take paracetamol.


It is important to wear a compression mask immediately after the procedure, every day, all day, for two weeks. After your operation you will receive two of these masks from us.


We recommend starting massages as soon as possible after the procedure. We can guide you in finding the right masseur.


You may take a shower after the operation.


You may wear make-up after the procedure.


Sports or other strenuous physical exertion puts extra pressure on your face. We therefore advise you to avoid this type of exercise during the first two weeks after the procedure.


Sunlight is no problem, just don't look for heat sources such as the tanning bed and the sauna. This slows down the recovery process.


Alcohol use is not permitted two weeks before and after the procedure. Alcohol thins the blood, which can cause the wounds to bleed more than normal during and after the procedure.

  • €2,000.-
  • for the entire region
  • including aftercare
  • including antibiotics and painkillers
  • including 2 compression masks
  • (lipomassage not included)

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